Capponi Shear Construction Is Set To Change South Florida

Real estate development in South Florida has always been an industry that relied upon a number of external factors. Everything from final vision of an area or property to dealing with construction deadlines to the complicated financial underbelly requires special person at the head of an organization. In short, there is a lot to do before anyone can simply move into the finished product. Therefore, when two experienced people with two serious companies join forces, industry watchers tend to stand up and take notice.

Capponi Shear Construction is the result of two companies with decades of experience partnering up to deliver custom designed luxury residences. One individual partnering up in the new endeavor is Gary Shear from Shear Construction & Management. Shear brings three decades of building high-end residences in the Miami area to the table that have been featured in prestigious publications such as: Florida Architecture and Florida Design.

The other side of the partnership is represented by Michael Capponi. Capponi brings a decade worth of exceeding expectations and pursuing excellence to the table. He has won a number of prestigious awards from well-respected publications, which emphasizes the care and creativity he brings to the table. Capponi seeks to bring this recognition and other qualifications to the partnership to help produce more amazing real estate projects in the South Florida area.

michael capponi

In short, both men bring a ton of experience to Capponi Shear Construction. The newly formed company has the resources and the management to deliver some impressive results in the real estate development industry. With solid leadership in place, the new company will be watched closely as positive impact and dynamic results will be delivered on any property it touches. With two people with a history of positives joining forces, real estate development in the area could change dramatically.